What's In Your Mug? + Randomness

I’m sipping on Teavana Peach Tranquility tea and bathing the warmth trying to find some calm. My kids in an uproar while playing Mario Kart on the Switch and the noise has my nerves shot. But they’re enjoying it so I don’t mind……much. I’ve had Imogen Heap’s Speak for Yourself on repeat for the past month, it is so good! It is the perfect music for getting shit done. I need all of that in my life right now. Dishes are done, dinner is in the oven. Work newsletter draft is finally complete and I think it looks awesome. Hopefully everyone else thinks so too.

The running theme on social media since the New Year is “New Year, New Me.” I’m over here like “New Year, Same Old Me.” Why? Because I don’t feel the need to prompt dramatic change. Overall, I’m pretty dang happy with me. Achy, cranky, plain Jane, makeup obsessed, and acne-ridden. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for self-discovery and change. It is needed in order to continue growing, learning, and progressing. But there is something to be said with finding contentment in life as well. I am no strange to constant change. I spent the last 5 years chasing some unattainable version of myself and I’m not sure why. So I can honestly say, this version of me is enough. Just need to add more black tee shirts.

I haven’t started on my shopping list from this year. Once the hubs and I are past our anniversary next month, then I’ll try to get started. If you’re curious to see what’s on my list, check out my last blog post. It’s chocked full of goodies, maybe you’ll find some things to add to your list!

It is also time to think about new school curriculum for the kids. Just saying the word “curriculum” causes money to fly from my bank account😂but it’s worth it. Once we find more room to put books, I would love to build our school library back up. The kids are currently into Captain Underpants, Dork Diaries, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, etc but we don’t have much room to store them. The library has been a huge help! I would love to own copies of their favorites so they can revisit them whenever they want.

School starts back for me on January 7th!!!!! I hope I can raise my GPA back to acceptable levels this term because I can’t afford to be dropped from FA. The math class 'I’m taking may prove troublesome. The hubs offered to tutor me so fingers crossed that it will be enough. I will be glad to finish up my GenEd courses. They are so tedious. Huge shoutout to SNHU for putting up with my shit LOL.

Tea is almost gone and dinner will be done soon so away I go!

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