Brands I Want To Try In 2019😻

In an effort to be more mindful of what products I’m purchasing, I’ve created a list of brands I want to try during 2019. I have SOOOOOOOOOOOO much makeup. Like for real. It’s a lot! My makeup purchases are so random or based off of what influencers talk about/what Trendmood posts which has resulted in most of the products in my collection falling into the following categories: A) They don’t fit MY needs, B) The products are total crap, or C) Products are repeats of what I already have. Please understand, I am in no way blaming influencers for my terrible self-control. That is all on me! Moving forward, my goal is two-fold; I need to learn how to filter through the advertisements and I need to curate my purchases.

Before I start buying more makeup, I will be decluttering my collection…..again. A few months ago, I decluttered some products and sold them to Glambot which was an OK experience🤷🏾‍♀️. Would I sell to them again? Probably not. I would prefer to donate gently used items so they can be used by someone in need. I’ve heard a great deal about Project Beauty Share from Jkissa on YT. My biggest issue is packaging and shipping. It takes a whole forest to pack items up properly! If I can’t find a local women’s shelter, then I’ll suck it up and pack up my items. I do have a lot of items that are way past expiry date that are going in the trash. Once I clean house (or toolbox)…….it’s time to shop!

There are 14 brands that I’ve had my eye on for some time (some are new to me) that I would like to try out There’s a mix of beauty, skincare, and fashion/accessories so let’s jump in! Disclaimer: The links below are NOT affiliate links! My reach is minuscule so no brands are beating down my door to talk about products. The links lead directly to brand websites and/or product sales pages. I’m simply sharing some brands that I would like to try for the upcoming year.

Beauty & Skincare!

  1. Lethal Cosmetics- I came across this brand earlier this year (2018) and was intrigued with the clean presentation. I know, I know. Clean presentation? Yes. The branding, packaging, and social media ads were crisp, minimal, mysterious, and beautiful. Like me. I put them on the shelf because I was distracted by other brands at the time but my curiosity was renewed when Angelica Nyqvist mentioned their new Hive collection in a recent video. That’s all the pushing I needed. That palette will be MINE!

  2. Linda Hallberg Cosmetics- She is no stranger to Instagram beauty convos, she is stunning! Her makeup posts blow me away. She also has freckles that I adore. That being said, Linda Hallberg has her own cosmetics line with an assortment of color products and beauty tools, all of which have received rave reviews from beauty influencers. Recently, she released the Infinity Palette Deep and OMG. OMG. OMG. OMG. Swatches posted in the gallery, can we talk about the beautiful red shade Mars?! Holy hell yes. It is a multi-use palette, meaning it can be use as eyeshadow, contour, blush, liner, or for brows. Yep, it’s a winner.

  3. Sonia G.- I literally have about 100-120 brushes. It’s absurd but guess what, I need more. Specially, I need Sonia G. brushes. Well, I don’t need them, I want them in a very passionate way. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing but they have great reviews. I have no problem investing in brushes especially eye brushes. The best part is that her brushes are available on Beautylish! Their shipping and CS is unmatched. I will find space for Sonia G.’s in my collection.

  4. The Lip Bar- The owner of The Lip Bar, Melissa Butler, will be getting my dollars simply for being a fellow Michigander. Do I need another reason? Ok, fine. Her backstory is pretty intriguing having been on Shark Tank (and rejected) only to go on to have a successful beauty brand with a strong online AND in-store presence. She got shelf space in the Church of Target!!!🙌🏾🙌🏾 Suck on that, Shark Tank! The Lip Bar features shades that are geared towards people of color which is lovely! There are non-ashy nudes and neutrals, beautiful brights, and deep vampy shades so there is something for errrrrbody. Melissa’s line includes traditional bullet lipsticks, liquid matte lippies, and lipglosses. Like I said, there is literally something for everyone. Plus, they are available at TARGET. The Bull’s Eye is calling me to the makeup aisle.

  5. MAHALO Skin Care- I’m placing the blame (don’t come for me) on the Internet. I had no clue who this brand was until I watched a few videos from Tarababyz, she swears by MAHALO’s Bean Mask. I’m going to get on the bandwagon and y’all bet not judge me. And now the products are available on Beautylish, the paradise of beauty!

  6. Peripera- K-Beauty is refreshing plain and simple. Their base products are not made for my demographic BUT their color products are legit. A flush of color on the cheeks or a wash of color on the lips is so flattering to me. Peripera has a wide range of color products that would suit my skintone which is 👌🏾. I want to mainly focus on their line of lip products in cute ink bottles. How cute is that?!

  7. Kaja Beauty- More K-Beauty, more adorable packaging, heart-shaped stamp blush. ‘Nuff said.

  8. Bobbi Brown- This is a bit of a cheat because I’ve previously tried the Vitamin Enriched Face Base and Bobbi dun put her whole foot up in that shiz (Translation: It is good). And yes, read it as written. Other than that, I have not tried any of her products which is a shame because she is highly regarded in the beaut community. I can fully respect that Bobbi Brown relies on the products to speak for themselves rather than flashy ad campaigns or tons of influencers to rep for them. It’s quality products for discerning beauty enthusiasts. I have my eye on the Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation👀I see you. Even though I have scaled back my foundation usage, I do like to have a few options on hand.  I’ll keep the ColourPop Foundation Stix as my quick, effortless base and the BB foundation as my going out base. A girl needs options.

  9. RMS Beauty- This brand is squeaky clean and conscious about what consumers are putting into and on their bodies. I love that. Natural ingredients whipped together and presented in biodegradable/recyclable packaging and components. What’s not to like? I’m usually not the biggest fan of cream products because I have the oiliest skin buttttttttt (haha I said butt!) cream products work well for me since I don’t wear a lot of foundation or powder products. I can just dab on, blend, and go. RMS Beauty is right up my alley.

  10. Menagerie Cosmetics (formerly Makeup Monsters Cosmetics)- I have to admit that none of their other products interested me before they re-branded. The Dragon Child palette wasn’t my cup fo tea. To each his own. But when they re-branded and debuted the Feral Palette…..I had to clutch my chest flowers. The color story is captivating and the packaging 👏🏾is 👏🏾to👏🏾die👏🏾for. I live for palettes that take me out of my comfort zone and looking at that palette presents a challenge. Challenge accepted.

  11. Flesh Beauty- Our mother’s drugstore Revlon is making way for Flesh Beauty. The brand that caused so much controversy over a number of things such as the name of the brand itself, product names, the size of the stick foundation, and prices. First off, the main people I’ve heard complaining lie prudish school girls have no qualms about slathering NARS Orgasm blush on their cheeks and slapping on KVD’s Lolita on their lips. People can be so finicky. I personally love the idea behind the brand name. For so many years, flesh tone meant varying shades of beige. For me, flesh tone conjures up memories of cinnamon colored pantyhose for Sunday church service. Since Flesh Beauty released, their ad campaigns have been working to redefine the phrase so it is inclusive for those that fall on opposite ends of cinnamon or beige or sand or bone. The line of products is moderately sized and focuses on the essentials that a beauty lover needs to put their best flesh forward. I am extremely excited to try their products next year.

  12. Pinky Rose Cosmetics- I’ve seen this brand in Riley Rose but it never really caught my eye. Their Bright Lights palette irritated me because of the pressed glitters included. I can’t get down with that foolishness. So I had written them off until last week when I watched one of Angelica Nyqvist’s “Will I Buy It or Nah” videos. She featured their new 3 palette bundle and it was a vision of beauty! In my humble opinion, I think they won out over the Ace Beaute Paradise Collection. We can agree to disagree. I digress, The Pinky Rose Trilogy Collection bundle is currently sold out but the palettes are available separately. The palette names are Obsessed (pinks/oranges/blues); 80s Baby (oranges/yellows/purples); and Exotic Peacock (purples/blues/greens). I need all three. Don’t judge me.


  13. Valley Eyewear- Thanks for a stunning photo on Necromancy Cosmetica’s Instagram, I now have glasses goals for the year. I’ve been wearing glasses since 3rd grade and I have always made bold choices with eyewear (i.e. black square frames w/blue Transitions lenses🤦🏾‍♀️). I’ve been playing it relatively safe in my 20s and 30s but I’m realizing that statement eyewear just works for me. It’s my plain Jane way of being extra. Valley Eyewear is right up my street. They frames are subtly extra. All classy and shit.

  14. Tieks by Gavrieli- Expensive basic bitch ballet flats. Getting some before the year is out.

  15. Irregular Choice- If trendy, over the top milkshakes were in shoe form, they would be Irregular Choice shoes. It’s like a unicorn sneezed glitter, sprinkles, rainbows, and ribbon!!! Each pair of shoes is distinctly unique, colorful, and fun. They even managed to make the soles of the shoes beautiful! I HAVE to get my hands on a pair which I will never wear for fear of ruining them. They will be my Precious.

That pretty much wraps it up! I’m looking forward to trying out some new brands and I hope I find some HG products that I can rave about throughout 2019. I’ll be sure to keep track of all the brands I’ve tried from my list so I can follow up at the end of the year.

Have a safe and very happy New Year🥳💃🏾🎆🍾