ColourPop got me f***ked up.

I am a ColourPop STAN. I honestly believe that ColourPop can do no wrong. Come for me if you’d like but my mind is made up. That was until I tried the Ooh La La palette. I’m almost a loss for words over how garbage this palette is.

Tonally, the palette is beautiful. See for yourself!

Photo by  Colourpop

Photo by Colourpop

It is absolute pink perfection. Trust me when I say that looks are deceiving. I had a number of issues that for me are unforgivable. Let me count the ways…….

  1. Trove and Caddy are not true to color on the eye. Trove applies much darker on the lid that it appears in the pan which totally derailed my overall look because I was thinking it would be a lovely crease shade to build on. Caddy was patchy, powdery, and lighter than it appears in the pan. It took several attempts to build up and I didn’t dare try to blend it out to much or the color simply vanished. Even though it applied lighter than expected, it darkened to a deeper plum on the lid which allowed me to save the look.

  2. Moon Struck was the most lackluster champagne gold shade EVER.

  3. Opulent was patchy and never built up to full opacity even over a sticky base.

  4. Big Sugar was the most interesting color in the whole palette and worked decently as an inner corner highlight.

  5. Tickled…….I want to know who is responsible for this shade?! Is it supposed to be a topper or a glittery shadow?? Whatever the hell is was supposed to be, it is utterly awful! My husband swatches it and immediately said “What the fuck is this shit?! Finger swatches typically look better than brush swatches. This is trash.” I agree with him 100%. I tried to apply it with a finger and with a brush, I eventually gave up because it was so terrible. It is the star of the palette but was an epic FAIL.

I didn’t use Soft Core or Sandbar so I can’t speak to their performance but given how the rest of the shades performed, I am expecting the worst. The shadows are extremely powdery and there was a lot of kick up in the pan but no fall out on the face. I didn’t get caught up in the Mean Girls day (October 13th) hype when this palette was released but caved and picked it up during a later palette release and got a discount. I’ve never been more disappointed in a product. I swatched the shades so check them out below!

Swatches of CP Ooh LaLa palette. Tickled is weak AF.

Swatches of CP Ooh LaLa palette. Tickled is weak AF.

I will try this trash palette again using Soft Core and Sandbar, I will pull in a shimmer shade from another palette to complete the look. Maybe that will work out a lot better than the others.

ColourPop tried me with this foolishness.