My Favorite Winter Item!

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I am the most basic person on Earth. I’m totally okay with that. I require very little to sustain life comfortably. That being said, there is one winter item that I simply cannot live without…….



Yep, that’s right. A nice, thick, cozy, over-sized sweater. Every year I search for the perfect sweater to wrap up in and I refuse to recognize the start of winter until I’ve found it. See what I mean by basic?!

The magic question is where do my sweater lovelies come from? Target, of course! After all, it is the basic B’s pilgrimage destination. They seem to have the best selection of sweaters! I purchased a lovely gray cable knit cardi by Universal Thread this season which I adore. I’ve got my eye on a pullover as well, check it out HERE.

My love of cozy sweaters grew from my total hatred of being cold. Tidbit of info: I am anemic in addition to being a carrier of Alpha Thalassemia. My blood cells are smaller than average adults, I produce less of them, and my body does not retain iron well. Essentially, I am a cold-bloodied human. I slept under a heated blanket during the dead of a South Carolina summer. No lie. So I covet items that keep me warm but sweaters have a special place in my heart because they are like a comforting hug.

‘Tis the season for sharing so tell me, what is YOUR favorite winter item?