What I'm thankful for.

November is a wild month! Birthdays, Thanksgiving, and Black Friday oh my! Bo turned 4 years old and we had a small family party for him. He was happy as a lark with his presents even though he was expecting something different. Celebrating his birthday brought so much light and happiness into our home that despite my being overly stressed, I couldn’t help but feel elated at the end of the day.

Birthday Bo!

Birthday Bo!

Now we’re moving onto Thanksgiving, our first in the new house! I decided not to cook because 1) our house is SUPER small,  2) I want to spend actual time with my family and not in the kitchen and 3) I have to work. I’m so happy Josh has 3 days off this week and always willing to help. We might even get to play a board game!! Maybe watch a cheesy holiday movie….

This year has really made me appreciate the crazy family I have. We weather the storms together and it makes us stronger each time. Our life is messy, loud, covered in jelly, and tiring. I am thankful for them all.