Tantrum Tuesday vol. 7: My Achy Breaky Knees.

It’s been 8 months since my double knee surgery. I would love to say that everything is right as rain but the sad truth is that I have not had one single day without pain. I can say that my knees are less noisy than before. The surgery uncovered the real reason for my issues.  

I am 33 years old, relatively healthy but I have arthritis in both of my knees. My symptoms started during my pregnancies, stiffness and aches. I chalked it up to normal pregnancy crap that would end once I gave birth. That day never happened and the issues got worse over time. Soon, my knees started swelling, giving way, and grinding. It’s difficult to accept these issues in your early to mid 20s especially when I had never injured my knees and I was never active in sports. It just happened. I knew it was no joke when climbing stairs and squatting down was becoming impossible. 

Knee surgery was the last resort because I had heard horror stories of people who went that route. I tried taping, ice, heat, topical treatments, prayer, Tylenol, physical therapy but nothing worked. Surgery seemed like the only logical next step and couldn’t possibly make things any worse, right? Ehhh not right. Ignorance truly is bliss because now that I know why my knees are a constant source of pain, I also know that there is nothing short of a miracle that will make them better. 

I’ve also been experiencing additional discomforts from the surgery that I didn’t expect, numbness down the sides of my lower legs as a result of the tendon release that was performed😣 My fear is that the arthritis is affecting other joints like my hips and fingers. I feel like damaged goods. Stairs make me nervous. Getting up from chairs requires intricate strategy. Walking moderate distances ensures that I will be laid up for a couple days. I can also accurately predict the weather. 


So this Tuesday I’m laid up nursing my knees and feeling extra sorry for myself. I hate this shit. Things I’m adding to my F*ck You list:  cancer, arthritis, and laundry.